Back from the Dead

Ok, so I haven’t actually been dead, but I’ve been buried for a little while.

Honestly, I can’t even tell you what exactly I’ve been doing or what has been going on in my life. A lot of inner turmoil. Been in the dark, cold ground for a while. Trying to figure some shit out.

I recently started a process. I bought The Artist’s Way. I came to realize I’m a shadow artist. I took the practical route to a creative life … “going into journalism or advertising.” That’s this girl, right here.

It’s been an interesting little trip so far and I’m only a week into it. What have I learned so far? Everything about me is an artist. Or at least an artist’s temperament. I have not been living an artist’s life. Thus, the meltdown you read on here for nearly a year.

There’s no light without the dark, right? Well, this little trip I’m on is opening my eyes to things. A lot of things. It’s crazy. If you are struggling in life and want to be more creative in some way, at least from my one week into it, I highly recommend getting The Artist’s Way and living with it.

I’ve been going through the process for a while, but now I know what’s happening. I didn’t know what was happening before. I just thought I was going crazy or the world was falling apart. I guess maybe it was just starting to fall into place.

I realized this morning that I didn’t have the most stable, normal childhood. So, as I grew up, I needed to give myself some stability. And I have done that, but I did it at the expense of my creativity and my joy to some degree.

So, now, I’m bringing some joy back into my life. Bringing back some of the things I love. Maybe I’ll take you on some of the journey with me on this blog. Maybe I’ll even take suggestions on things I should try next and then tell you how it goes.

But as part of this process, I’m considering writing a book. I don’t know what kind of book. I’m still ironing the details out on that. I don’t even know if it will be fiction or non-fiction or if I’ll try to do both.

I also am about ready to start teaching Pilates. I’ve finished the in-studio days. I’m a little scared of the whole idea of starting a new type of work altogether. I have to admit that. I’m still doing contract work in my current profession while I try this thing out, but still, it’s kind of scary. I don’t know why.

I don’t have a lot to say here. No profound statements at the moment. It takes some time when you come up from underground. I’m adjusting to the daylight again.

But my experience so far with The Artist’s Way has been good. Get it. Give it a try if you want more creativity in your life. It might just bring you back from the dead.

Peace, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Back from the Dead”

    1. Thanks. You were the first (or maybe the only) person to recommend the book to me. I’m enjoying the process so far. It’s nice. And when I read some of the examples of shadow artists … well it struck a little close to home. In a good way though. An aha kind of way.


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