Rise and Fall

As quickly as I rise up, I fall down. Suddenly, I feel ordinary. It happened in a flash. Are these swings creativity or instability? Are they temperament or depression? I’m not sure I’ll ever know the answers.

There is a chasm between the two sides of my soul — between what I want and who I am. And rather than connecting the two, I suspect I will fall into the crevice someday never to be seen again.

Perhaps normality and routine are my calling. I should accept it rather than swinging across the divide, barely grasping the other side of my soul. Some day I will lose my grip.

Settle and be done.

2 thoughts on “Rise and Fall”

  1. If you lose your grip, what will be the worst that happens? If your soul energy moves onto something and is never extinguished, what is the worst that would happen?

    Normality and routine are fine. They provide comfort. But is that what you really want? Do you want XYZ just to retain “normality and routine.?”

    Do not ignore your desire out of fear. Perhaps normality and routine will not be lost in the grasp for something new and different.

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  2. As you see in my next post, I’m trying to make the creative urge part of my routine. I should look at it that way, though. What’s the worst that can happen? I mean, I could lose everything and become homeless. That sounds pretty dreadful, but I have family that would gladly let me move in with them if things get that bad, I suppose. The soul energy moving on frightens me a little. I’m not ready to die for something. Perhaps you meant my soul may just decide to move in a different direction if that direction doesn’t work out. I’m going to take it that way, because thinking the other way freaks me out a little too much. 🙂


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