A Change of Heart

Trying to keep the light on hope

OK, I know I bade farewell yesterday … at least for a little while. Today, however, I read the news that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. Although always sad to hear this kind of news, there are certain individuals you just never expect would commit suicide. For me, Anthony Bourdain is one of those people.


Of course, I didn’t know him. But based on his life and his shows, I can’t wrap my brain around it. Someone who loves life, food, and adventure that much … it just feels wrong.

I could speculate, but I will refrain. All I will say is this: If this was done purposefully, he was obviously suffering. If it was accidental, in my opinion, he was also suffering.

I’m sure he exercised … maybe even did yoga and meditation. But I don’t want to continue seeing news about suicide — celebrity or not. In addition to Bourdain, Kate Spade and a relative of one my closest friends all committed suicide this past week.  That’s far too many suicides.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a switch. Sometimes I drop to the lowest level of human existence emotionally. That switch — and thank God for that switch — always flips life back on for me. I am thankful for that switch. So thankful.

I don’t know where that switch is. How it gets flipped. I’m guessing it is something I do or think … even if it is subconscious. I opened this site back up for that reason. Whatever it is. Whatever turns that switch back on, I hope comes out here. Somewhere in these posts. Somewhere in my rambling words, I’m hoping there is a nugget that can help someone find that switch within them.

I hope you have found the peace you were seeking, Mr. Bourdrain.

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