Honeysuckle and Blackberries

Waiting and patience are part of the process (I think)


Waiting and patience are hard lessons for me to learn. Generally speaking, I’m laid back and kind of lazy, so that may seem odd. But I get answers. I get things done and move onto the next thing or something I want to do. That’s how I function in a day-to-day kind of way. Life goals … well, that may be a slightly different story.

This post was going to be about how yoga and meditation help you learn waiting and patience. How they teach you to enjoy what’s in front of you and not focus on the past or what is to come. They do, and I’ll get to that, too.

However, I’m also one of those crazy people who believe in signs from the universe. Probably over my own logic and perhaps to my own detriment. I have made life decisions on strange, otherwise insignificant coincidences that I make into something bigger.

Today, as I went for a run, I came up with the idea for this post. The idea: Waiting is part of the process. You must learn patience.

I’ve been trying to force answers from people and situations recently, and obviously, the answers are not ready to reveal themselves to me. I’ve been trying to force my purpose in life to reveal itself, and you can’t force that. That is a fact. Trust me, I’ve tried many, many times.

I got home and started to write my post, and I saw a musical release from a new group that has intrigued me. Now, they had already released a couple of songs, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this one. However, it was the name of the release that struck me, because it so closely related to what I was thinking about the whole time I was running.

The name of the release? Forever Waiting, by Arthur Buck. Suddenly, everything I thought I had figured out on my run, kind of fell apart when I saw this “message from the universe.” That’s how my brain works, unfortunately. Literally, my Instagram feed, my Twitter feed, and my Facebook feed had the same announcement at the top of the list. All promoting this song called Forever Waiting after I just enlightened myself with the idea of waiting is something I need to learn.

Forever Waiting isn’t a good thing in this song. It’s not the waiting you have to learn kind of thing. So, I’m going to write my post as I originally intended. Take it for what it’s worth. The universe may be telling me that I am 100 percent wrong. I can’t honestly tell you. As I always say, I never claim to be an expert. I think I’ve come to some new level in my development and the universe says, “That is the complete opposite of what you should be doing.” I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong here, but maybe something useful will come out of this for you. And maybe something will reveal itself to me as I write it.

So, waiting. As I said, I’ve been trying to force things and they just weren’t ready to hatch. Part of the depression and struggle that I’ve mentioned repeatedly on here are for those very reasons. My need to have answers. My lack of patience. My need to know the next step.

In yoga, many times the teacher will tell you to do something without trying to anticipate the next move. They don’t tell you the next move. Sometimes that frustrates me, but that’s part of my lesson, you see, or so I thought until the universe spoke.

As I was running, I passed some wild blackberry bushes. It’s that time of year for them to bear fruit. The berries were all over the sidewalk. I love blackberries. And then I could smell the scent honeysuckle blossoms that were yards ahead of me.

That’s when I thought, “That’s all you can do. Enjoy the honeysuckle and blackberries that are in front of you. You can’t force answers. You can’t demand progress. Enjoy what it is present in the moment. The answers will come when they are supposed to come. You need to learn to wait and you need to learn patience.”

Sounded profound enough to write a post about it. I wasn’t doing yoga or meditation at the time, but I believe yoga and meditation got me there.

Honeysuckle and blackberries, by the way, also remind me of patience and waitingin essense. There is something bittersweet and delicious about them. Like blackberries, waiting and patience are a combination of tart and sweet. We don’t want to wait, but the best fruit, with the touch of sweetness, comes when it has had plenty of time to ripen.

And honeysuckle … you can smell it from miles away. I swear you can. One whiff of that sweet, warm aroma and it stops me in my tracks. I will slow down and seek it out just to get that tiniest drop of nectar from the bottom of the flower. For all the aroma you would think there would be so much more nectar, but you savor it just the same.

The point I’m trying to make is that you can’t force things. You can’t control them. Things will unfold as they are supposed to unfold. The honeysuckle will always have that tiniest drop of nectar, and the blackberry will always have a touch a tartness. You have to wait and learn patience. Eliminate your expectations and enjoy life as it is at the moment.

Yoga and mindfulness have taught me that. It is not an easy lesson for me. In fact, I am still learning it and probably always will. I’m not sure I’ll ever perfect it, but I am always learning.

What about the sign from the universe? Forever Waiting? I don’t know. Maybe I’m completely wrong. Perhaps learning to wait for the world to unfold in front of you and developing patience is completely the wrong thing to do. Or perhaps the universe is just beginning the next phase of the lesson for me and the answer to why that song appeared three times (and now more) in a row on each of my social media feeds will reveal itself to me at another time. For now, I’m going to enjoy the honeysuckle and blackberries and consider whether some things are never meant to have an answer … or if I just need to continue waiting patiently.

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