Inner Peace & a Little Ditty

Walking for perspective & learning from old loves


It’s been a tough week with the back injury and no exercising. I went for a walk today – that I can do if I take my time. Like I mentioned in a previous post, walking can clear the mind and open it up for more creative thoughts. And so it did that for me today. But it can also give you some perspective on some old issues that are floating around in your head.

You know how sometimes you hold onto feelings for old loves? That one is a tough one for me. When I fall, I fall very hard, so it’s difficult for me to move on. But I read this somewhere once: You can love someone but realize they can’t be in your life. I don’t think those were the exact words, but that was the gist of it.

My walk helped me deal with that today. Not everyone is going to be in your life forever. Some teach you a lesson and move on. Both have to be invested in the relationship and willing to meet the other halfway. It’s the only way love will ever work.

But sometimes we fall for the wrong ones. The ones who can’t meet us halfway. It happens all the time, and you should never beat yourself up for it. We love who we love. It happens. We can’t control it.

It hurts when we fall for the wrong ones, but we do learn something from them – what we’re willing to accept, what we deserve, etc., etc. Maybe it’s not the easiest lesson to learn, but a worthwhile one in the long run.

In my walk, for some random reason, I thought of a long, lost love. One I never quite let go, and I still didn’t let it all go today. But I was able to see it from a different perspective, and it gave me some peace.

Even if they’re not part of your life, you can still enjoy the moments you had, learn exactly what the relationship taught you and still wish them well if those feelings never quite completely fade – and sometimes they don’t. And that’s how I came about this little ditty:

A Little Starlight

I just wanted to love you, sweetheart
to pull you up and out of the dark
I knew I couldn’t save you, baby
but maybe I could bath you
in a little starlight
on a warm night
kiss you ‘til it’s alright
for a little while

I’ll never understand your troubles, baby
but I’ll help you with your struggles
I know you’re in no mood to talk
Give me your hand, let’s take a walk
through a little starlight
on a warm night
kiss you ’til it’s alright
for a little while

I can’t hold you close any more
You left one night & closed the door
But I still want to help you baby
So close your eyes and think of me
in a little starlight
on a warm night
kissing you ’til it’s alright
for a little while

So getting over someone doesn’t mean forgetting them. They came into your life for a reason. Once you can accept that, then you can get a better perspective on the entire relationship. And you can release the pain of it and appreciate the beauty of it. Once you do that, you’ll find yourself in a much better place.

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